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About Thorn N Petal

I remember being around 10 years old when I fell into the rose bush that lined the driveway around the house. That experience absolutely sucked. But I healed and grew stronger for it.

The experience of life is one of Thorns and Petals. The thorns represent the challenges out of which the petals of opportunity are born.

It is out of this realization that this brand was designed and built.

Thorn N Petal is for the Fighters and Survivors.

The Creatives and the Innovators.

The Dreamers and Trailblazers.

We dedicate Thorn N Petal to all those who take advantage of the setbacks to setup for comebacks.
Thorn N Petal is a lifestyle t-shirt brand with social responsibility built into our business model.

In addition to donating a portion of our overall profits to local mentorship organizations, we commit 95% of the profits from the sales of our "Be Of Service" line to support local community organizations.

Each month a different design.

Each month a different organization.

Thorn N Petal is Purposeful Apparel.